Zenton delivers experiences and technology to the Royal Armoury.

Zenton's assignment for the reopening of Livrustkammaren's new basic exhibition on Sweden's royal history has been to act as a technical advisor in the early stages of planning the new exhibitions as well as procured total supplier of all multimedia technology / museum technology. The Livrustkammaren writes about the exhibition: The exhibition tells the story [...]

Zenton delivers touch application to Vattenriket Naturrum in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Zenton delivers touch applications to Naturrum Vattenriket in Kristianstad. The assignment included design, programming, multimedia technology and installation.

Touch solutions for Stena Line Superfast 7 & 8 on the Irish Sea

Zenton has delivered new touch solutions and updates to the very popular interactive floor on board Stena Line's Superfast 7 & 8 on the Irish Sea. The interactive floor has been given a realistic 3d underwater world with "live fish" to enhance the experience in their POD area.  

Zenton delivers digital store concept to Mühlow, the store of the future.

As a partner to Mühlow, Zenton has developed a unique digital concept for the store of the future that will symbolize ecosystems and illustrate the beauty of nature. The shop mixes aquariums with real fish from different parts of the world with fabrics such as banana and pineapple, clothes produced with organic materials that [...]

Zenton delivers digital experience concept to Regionmuseet Kristianstad

Zenton has delivered a digital experience concept for the new basic exhibition "Tidernas Skåne" at Regionmuseet Kristianstad. It's an exhibition about the history and landscape of Skåne where you follow the time from cold tundra to endless fields. Here you can wander aimlessly back and forth between millennia. Zenton has been involved in developing the [...]

Zenton delivers touch applications, exhibit technology and installations for the reopening of the Hornborgarsjön nature center

Lake Hornborga - one of Europe's most important bird lakes - attracts large numbers of visitors every year. The stately visitor facility "naturum Hornborgarsjön" was reopened on March 21, 2015 after a complete transformation inside, where a completely new exhibition is now presented. In collaboration with IDEI, Zenton has contributed with concept development, delivered touch [...]

Zenton in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition “Eye to Eye” – experience design, museum technology, interactivity, light and sound.

Trelleborg Museum recently opened a new permanent exhibition, 'Eye to Eye', which gives an inspiring account of ancient peoples. Interactivity and new technologies permeate the exhibition. In a close and inspiring collaboration with those responsible at Trelleborg Museum, Zenton has been involved in the entire development process of the exhibition and developed sensory solutions that [...]

Zenton delivers touch application and multitouch solution to Lund University’s Historical Museum

After winning the tender, Zenton has delivered a touch application and a multitouch solution to Lund University's Historical Museum. The exhibition is called "Sven Nilsson and the postglacial fauna of Skåne" and is located in the Zoological Hall of the museum. The exhibition offers interactive activities where the visitor can, among other things can assemble [...]

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Zenton total supplier of museum technology and technical consultancy to Västmanland County Museum.

On behalf of Västmanland County Museum, Zenton has acted as a total supplier of museum technology and technical consultation for the exhibition "When then was now - ancient people and animals". This mission included sound solutions and museum technology for the entire exhibition, which is interactive and playful that you can experience with all your [...]

Zenton delivers website, digital content and touch solution for EU project: “Museum, cultural heritage & northern identity”

The project "Museum, cultural heritage and northern identity" is a platform for institutional cooperation to develop common cultural heritage and northern identity. Zenton's mission for this exciting and challenging EU-funded project was to find a simple way to visualize the culturally important sites for all international and national partners. These sites would also be linked [...]

The Swedish Transport Administration uses a new touch application from Zenton for the major project “New Marieholm Link”.

Zenton has developed and created the digital content solution and delivered a touchscreen application that we previously delivered to the Swedish Transport Administration. The application shows in a clear and educational way how traffic is affected over time by the construction of the new Marieholm Link in Gothenburg between 2013-2020. Read more here

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Zenton MultiTouch to Trafikverket

Zenton has delivered a complete MultiTouch solution with everything from programming and application design to hardware and installation. The stands for the MultiTouch screens are specially designed and developed by Zenton for this purpose. Zenton's MultiTouch solution is used to present and visualize materials from WSP on the new Onsalavägen, which will start construction in [...]

Zenton delivers innovative and flexible touch solution to SVID

Zenton has on behalf of SVID (Swedish Industrial Design Foundation) conceptualized, designed and delivered a complete, flexible touch solution for fairs and other types of exhibitions. The smart technical solution allows the message and content to be changed over and over again with ease. As a result, SVID can now effectively meet, engage and stay [...]

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Touch project for the National Museum

Zenton has delivered touch projects for the National Museum's 'Modern Life' exhibition. It displays French, and some Swedish, 19th century art from the National Museum's collections. We have created a timeline to easily present and inform about the artworks in the exhibition. For the touch application, we have also produced slide show films that tell [...]

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Zenton delivers multitouch to Umeå University

Zenton has delivered Multitouch solution with Snowflake multi-touch software from Nuiteq to Umeå University. The solution consists of a 55" PQ-labs multi-touch frame on a 55" screen mounted on a special motorized bracket to raise/lower and tilt as needed. This is to be used for training and development purposes by Inst. for Applied Educational Sciences [...]

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Multitouch, interactive flooring and exhibition technology for Lycksele Forestry Museum.

Zenton has delivered exhibition technology in the form of a multi-touch solution, interactive floor and media player-based RFID solutions to the Lycksele Forestry Museum. We have had a fantastic collaboration with Lycksele Skogsmuseum and had the honor of delivering complete solutions for some parts of their newly opened exhibition. Among other things, we have worked [...]

Swedish interactive solutions provider Zenton and NUITEQ® formalize their partnership

In our effort to become the leading supplier of interactive solutions in the Scandinavian area, Zenton has teamed up with Nuiteq and formalized our partnership.... The following can be read in Nuiteq's newsletter: Skellefteå, Sweden - 4 May 2011- NUITEQ®, the award winning multi-touch software technology company, announced today that Swedish interactive solutions provider Zenton [...]

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Zenton delivers shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg.

Zenton has delivered Shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg shopping center's family room. We have delivered the interactive story corner, multi-touch screen with games for children, sensor-controlled sound design for the "Laughing Wall" leading to the toilets and sound design for the changing room. Welcome to the family room .... if you have small children.

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