As a partner to Mühlow, Zenton has developed a unique digital concept for the store of the future that will symbolize ecosystems and illustrate the beauty of nature.

The shop mixes aquariums with real fish from different parts of the world with fabrics such as banana and pineapple, clothes produced with organic materials that do not pollute nature and products that are sustainable and eco-innovative.
Zenton was tasked with being the conceptual partner and the technical and digital manager.
It produced everything from sound designs that take us to different continents and enhance the in-store experience to animated gecko lizards and butterflies that crawl and fly on the walls using projections.
There are animated 3D fish swimming in an interactive floor in the middle of the store and in the shop window, 5 82″ LED screens were installed with chassis designed to fit into the store environment. All screens send synchronized messages for the best experience and quality.
Film from Mühlow