Shopping centers

Sound design, sound system for Asec’s shopping center in Jönköping.

Zenton has acted as technical/experience advisor and partner as well as total supplier of sound system "Shopping Mall Sound System By Zenton" to provide the absolute best sound experience at Asec's shopping center in Jönköping. The sound system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different possible sound scenarios and events. Each loudspeaker is [...]

Zenton delivers digital store concept to Mühlow, the store of the future.

As a partner to Mühlow, Zenton has developed a unique digital concept for the store of the future that will symbolize ecosystems and illustrate the beauty of nature. The shop mixes aquariums with real fish from different parts of the world with fabrics such as banana and pineapple, clothes produced with organic materials that [...]

Zenton delivers conceptual design of sound system for Mall Of Scandinavia Shopping Mall

Zenton has created at an early stage the technical audio concept used for the distribution and playback of all audio throughout the Mall of Scandinavia for Unibail Rodamco. Mall of Scandinavia is Scandinavia's largest shopping destination. The assignment included planning and advising on the technical sound concept for all the public environments, planning speaker placement [...]

Zenton speaks at Butik & Köpcentrum 2015 at Grand Hotell.

Zenton participated and spoke at this year's packed industry day for Stores & Shopping Centers at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm on October 22. Kristoffer talked about sound design, light and scents that attract purchases. How can the design of light, sound and scent in shops and shopping centers be actively used to reach and [...]

Zenton delivers sound design and sound system to the newly opened Utopia Shopping mall in Umeå, Sweden.

Zenton has delivered sound design and concept development for the newly opened Utopia Citygalleria. Zenton was also involved in the design and delivery of the shopping center's sound system. The sound design is created to complement and enhance the brand and experience that Utopia wants customers to feel when they enter the shopping center, what [...]

Zentons further strengthens fragrance offering with new fragrance design partner

As scent has always been a natural part of Zenton's experience design solutions, we are delighted to present scent design solutions with a world-leading supplier in the field. They have the recognized best fragrance quality, a wide network with the world's best perfume manufacturers, a unique patented fragrance system for dry fragrance setting and precise [...]

Zenton delivers creative sound design for “Expectrum – the meeting place of possibilities” in Västerås with the help of research from NASA.

On behalf of Västerås municipality and Expectrum, Zenton has delivered sound design to Expectrum's premises to create inspiration and creative meetings. Zenton has developed sound design and sound concepts where we created emotions based on Expectrum's keywords: creativity, future, innovation, development and technology. The project delivered a Sound System By Zenton, Zenton's own web-based audio [...]

Zenton’s own in-store radio solution for KICKS Sweden and Norway.

Zenton delivers a proprietary networked in-store radio solution that enables easy distribution, scheduling and playback of music and any advertising for all of Kicks' affiliated stores in Sweden and Norway. The project is delivered in cooperation with Radja.

Zenton has delivered zoned sound design for SKHLM shopping center.

Zenton has delivered a complete solution with zoned sound design to SKHLM to create a cozy, positive and welcoming experience for visitors. Depending on where the visitor is in the shopping center, different audio experiences are provided. The feeling conveyed also reinforces the essence of the SKHLM brand. The thoughtful and attractive solution from Zenton [...]

Emporia in Malmö wins award as the world’s most beautiful shopping center!

We congratulate the beautiful Emporia shopping center, which was named the world's finest shopping center in 2013 at the World Architecture Festival(WAF) in Singapore. Zenton is known to have delivered innovative world-class sound solutions to the shopping center along with a variety of other solutions. Read our full case study. The architect of the award-winning [...]

Zenton delivers directional audio to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center

Zenton has delivered directional sound and sound design to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center. The targeted sound is part of a much larger solution, Zenton's Shopping mall sound system, which is now being installed at SKHLM to create unique sound experiences in selected locations. The sound system is entirely developed by Zenton specifically for shopping centers. [...]

Zenton delivers interactive Christmas decorations to PK-huset Shopping Center, Stockholm’s fashion boulevard

Zenton has delivered an interactive floor, Interactive Surface with a specially designed effect for the Christmas signage at PK-Huset in collaboration with Dorian Communication. The effect presents all the brands represented in the mall. ....No visit to Stockholm is complete without a visit to PK-huset - Stockholm's fashion boulevard since 1974. Surrounded by NK and [...]

Zenton delivers world-class audio solutions to Emporia shopping center

Zenton has project managed and delivered the audio solution for the newly opened Emporia in Malmö - Scandinavia's premier shopping center. A world-class building with world-class sound solutions! All with the intention of providing a subtle overall experience for the visitor - they enjoy themselves and want to stay longer. In this extensive and exciting [...]

Zenton delivers sound to the restroom aisles at Frölunda Torg shopping center in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Zenton has delivered sound and sound installations to the toilet corridors at Frölunda Torg shopping center in Gothenburg to provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Zenton delivers directional audio to the movie corner at Allum shopping center

Zenton has delivered and installed directional audio for the movie corner at Allum shopping center. Thanks to the directional sound, children can listen to movies shown on the screen without disturbing shops or passing visitors and customers.

Interactive Flooring for Sickla Köpstad

Zenton has delivered interactive flooring, "Zenton Interactive Surface" to Sickla Köpstad in Nacka, Stockholm. The interactive floor is a laughing zone in their "Laughter Hunt" event. Read more here. Client: Narrow advertising agency.

Warehouse store radio

Lagerhaus' first store with store radio from Radja/Zenton was delivered to Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg. Within a month, deliveries have been made to all 33 Lagerhaus stores in Sweden. It offers unique in-store radio with customized music for the brand's target audience. The in-store radio is updated over the internet to keep it alive and [...]

Zenton delivers shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg.

Zenton has delivered Shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg shopping center's family room. We have delivered the interactive story corner, multi-touch screen with games for children, sensor-controlled sound design for the "Laughing Wall" leading to the toilets and sound design for the changing room. Welcome to the family room .... if you have small children.

Sound system and directional audio for Etage shopping center

Zenton has delivered and installed sound systems and directional audio for the Etage shopping center in Trollhättan. We chose stylish Italian design speakers with exceptionally good sound quality and dispersion. The directional sound is attached to an escalator to create a clear sound tunnel that follows the listener all the way down while maintaining quality [...]

Allum updates for spring with its Living Surface

Allum outside Gothenburg has updated its Living Surface for spring with butterflies, flying insects and bees. The lovely sound of spring is heard via directional sound, and only in the picture, outside it is completely silent...

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