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SONAB wireless audio for Kustnära Interiör

Zenton has delivered SONAB's wireless audio system to Kustnära Interiör in Visby. Sonab's speakers provide incredible sound quality and are easily hung on the store's existing light rails. Kustnära Interiör sells hand-picked products in interior design, clothing and furniture for both home and business.

Zenton delivers creative sound design for “Expectrum – the meeting place of possibilities” in Västerås with the help of research from NASA.

On behalf of Västerås municipality and Expectrum, Zenton has delivered sound design to Expectrum's premises to create inspiration and creative meetings. Zenton has developed sound design and sound concepts where we created emotions based on Expectrum's keywords: creativity, future, innovation, development and technology. The project delivered a Sound System By Zenton, Zenton's own web-based audio [...]

Zenton delivers digital & sound experience to Ultra, Norway

Together with our partner BigBlue & Co in Oslo, Norway, Zenton has delivered a digital & sound experience that will attract more customers and increase sales in the food chain Ultra's newly renovated concept store in Colloseum. For this, we have delivered design and film production that is shown via floor projection outside the entrance, [...]

Zenton delivers directional audio to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center

Zenton has delivered directional sound and sound design to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center. The targeted sound is part of a much larger solution, Zenton's Shopping mall sound system, which is now being installed at SKHLM to create unique sound experiences in selected locations. The sound system is entirely developed by Zenton specifically for shopping centers. [...]

Zenton delivers world-class audio solutions to Emporia shopping center

Zenton has project managed and delivered the audio solution for the newly opened Emporia in Malmö - Scandinavia's premier shopping center. A world-class building with world-class sound solutions! All with the intention of providing a subtle overall experience for the visitor - they enjoy themselves and want to stay longer. In this extensive and exciting [...]

Butterick’s stores in Sweden get audio and in-store radio from Zenton

Zenton has delivered well-sounding in-store audio systems to all Buttericks stores in Sweden. We also provide a complete service for live-streamed in-store radio in collaboration with Radja, which produces the right music for Butterick's target audience. According to Buttericks themselves, customers are dancing in their stores which we see as a very positive result!

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Warehouse store radio

Lagerhaus' first store with store radio from Radja/Zenton was delivered to Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg. Within a month, deliveries have been made to all 33 Lagerhaus stores in Sweden. It offers unique in-store radio with customized music for the brand's target audience. The in-store radio is updated over the internet to keep it alive and [...]

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