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Zenton speaks at Butik & Köpcentrum 2015 at Grand Hotell.

Zenton participated and spoke at this year's packed industry day for Stores & Shopping Centers at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm on October 22. Kristoffer talked about sound design, light and scents that attract purchases. How can the design of light, sound and scent in shops and shopping centers be actively used to reach and [...]

Zenton delivers sound design for Capgemini’s Norwegian headquarters in Oslo

Zenton has sound designed Capgemini's headquarters in Oslo to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for employees and customers. We have provided audio productions, compositions, technical solutions and installations. A concept in line with the Capgemini brand that enhances the atmosphere, provides a soothing feeling and allows for relaxation in the office. Read more about [...]

Zenton in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition “Eye to Eye” – experience design, museum technology, interactivity, light and sound.

Trelleborg Museum recently opened a new permanent exhibition, 'Eye to Eye', which gives an inspiring account of ancient peoples. Interactivity and new technologies permeate the exhibition. In a close and inspiring collaboration with those responsible at Trelleborg Museum, Zenton has been involved in the entire development process of the exhibition and developed sensory solutions that [...]

Zenton has delivered zoned sound design for SKHLM shopping center.

Zenton has delivered a complete solution with zoned sound design to SKHLM to create a cozy, positive and welcoming experience for visitors. Depending on where the visitor is in the shopping center, different audio experiences are provided. The feeling conveyed also reinforces the essence of the SKHLM brand. The thoughtful and attractive solution from Zenton [...]

Zenton creates sound beacon with directional sound for Sabbatsberg hospital

Zenton has delivered an audio beacon that increases accessibility and safety for people with visual impairment in hospitals. The audio beacon solves the challenge of getting from the entrance of Sabbatsberg Hospital to their intended destination. The sound design of the beacon via directional sound leads them safely all the way from the entrance along [...]

Zenton welcomes the media attention on directional audio and continues to drive development forward.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz and media attention around the trendy phenomenon of directional audio or audio shower as it is also known. Zenton's founder, Kristoffer Lindgren, was the first to introduce directional audio to the commercial market in Sweden back in 2004 and has thus worked on and developed the product [...]

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Zenton delivers directional audio to Solifer at Elmia Mässan, Caravan & Motorhome 2013

Zenton has delivered directional sound, sound design and composition to Solifer Husvagnar och Husbilar for the 2013 Husvagns och Husbilsmässan at Elmia. With directed sound, we create a sound experience on a limited area of the stand without the sound spilling over to other stands. To complement their other stand fittings, we have created a [...]

Zenton delivers directional audio to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center

Zenton has delivered directional sound and sound design to SKHLM Skärholmen shopping center. The targeted sound is part of a much larger solution, Zenton's Shopping mall sound system, which is now being installed at SKHLM to create unique sound experiences in selected locations. The sound system is entirely developed by Zenton specifically for shopping centers. [...]

Zenton delivers world-class audio solutions to Emporia shopping center

Zenton has project managed and delivered the audio solution for the newly opened Emporia in Malmö - Scandinavia's premier shopping center. A world-class building with world-class sound solutions! All with the intention of providing a subtle overall experience for the visitor - they enjoy themselves and want to stay longer. In this extensive and exciting [...]

Zenton delivers directional audio to the movie corner at Allum shopping center

Zenton has delivered and installed directional audio for the movie corner at Allum shopping center. Thanks to the directional sound, children can listen to movies shown on the screen without disturbing shops or passing visitors and customers.

Zenton delivers directional audio to Malmö City Library

Zenton has delivered directional audio to Malmö City Library. The directional audio plays voices in the language represented by the particular bookshelf on which the speaker is mounted. The sound is activated by a sensor when you approach the speaker. The mount is specially designed by our engineer and made to fit the library's bookshelves. [...]

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Zenton delivers shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg.

Zenton has delivered Shoppertainment to Nya Frölunda Torg shopping center's family room. We have delivered the interactive story corner, multi-touch screen with games for children, sensor-controlled sound design for the "Laughing Wall" leading to the toilets and sound design for the changing room. Welcome to the family room .... if you have small children.

Sound pucks and directional sound for Butterick’s

In the shop window of Butterick's in Gothenburg, Sweden, a sound puck from Zenton is now playing enticing tones to attract attention to their fashion show of costumes. Read more about Butterick's and see part of the fashion show here. Other stores in Sweden will soon be equipped in the same way. Targeted audio will [...]

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Sound system and directional audio for Etage shopping center

Zenton has delivered and installed sound systems and directional audio for the Etage shopping center in Trollhättan. We chose stylish Italian design speakers with exceptionally good sound quality and dispersion. The directional sound is attached to an escalator to create a clear sound tunnel that follows the listener all the way down while maintaining quality [...]

Directed sound in escalators at Allum Shopping Center

Zenton has delivered and installed directional sound in the form of Sound Shower to Allum shopping center in Partillle outside Gothenburg. The directional audio is placed in every escalator throughout the shopping center to provide a clear sound from their customer radio along the entire escalators. The advantage of directional sound is that a single [...]

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Museum technology and directional sound for new Air Force Museum

Zenton has delivered museum technology to the new Air Force Museum in Linköping, which was inaugurated in early June. Equipment such as directional audio, media players of various kinds, speakers, etc. create experiences in most places in the museum. Read more about the museum here. See also here a short movie about the museum on [...]

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Directed sound to Uppsala Central Station

On behalf of the architectural firm Wester + Elsner in Stockholm, Zenton has delivered and installed projects with directed sound and sound production for Jernhusen and Uppsala Central Station. The directional sound comes from 2 x 3 meter long Sound Shower sound showers. Now visitors can enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature as they wait [...]

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Unique experiences and exhibitions at Trelleborg museum På Trelleborgs museum kan ni uppleva multitouchbord, animerade tavlor som synkroniserat talar med varandra, fantastiska ljud och videoinstallationer, allt för att skapa en unik och stämningsfull upplevelse. Här används även teknik som riktat ljud, sensor och knappstyrda ljudstationer, touchskärmar mm. Zentons uppdrag var att leverera en helhetslösning från idéskapande, konsultation, projektledning, teknik, innehåll, programmering [...]

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