Digital decorations and multimedia for Stena Line’s new Ebba ferry

Zenton has delivered and been on board the Stena Ebba at the Gdansk shipyard to install digital decorations in the form of sound design for selected locations and decorative projections. All the projections are linked to the theme of Scandinavian design and are in harmony with the other art installations on board to create a [...]

Zenton delivers new Audioguide to Trelleborg museum

Zenton delivers new Audioguide / audio guide to Trelleborg Museum. The audio guide is developed by Zenton to act as a mobile web app and be easily used by both educators and visitors. Updates are easily made by the museum. The app can be accessed through a QR code placed at each station.  

Zenton delivers overall concept for Kampen i Tiden, Jönköping County Museum.

Zenton delivers an overall concept for Kampen i Tiden, Jönköping County Museum. We have been involved from the start of the concept, advising and planning multimedia to the delivery and installation of all multimedia technology for the exhibition. Kampen i tiden is a cultural history exhibition on the history of Jönköping County.

Zenton Multimedia / Tech advisor for Brittany Ferries new ship Galicia

Zenton has been a part of the tech / multimedia group acting as a tech / multimedia advisor for the French ferry company Brittany Ferries and the new ship in their fleet, Galicia. Zenton has been planning the interactive experiences as well as the digital signage systems and experience to go with the overall onboard [...]

Zenton has delivered animation of map, migrations Trelleborgs museum

Zenton has delivered the production of an animated map to show the migration of people in the north about 10,000 years ago. Technology and installation were included in the contract.

Zenton delivers multimedia technology to Navet Science Center in Borås, Sweden

Zenton delivers multimedia technology, installations and programming for the immersive exhibition at Navet Science Center in Borås. The hub writes: When you enter Astronoma, you are stepping into space. Young and old explorers alike can try their hand at finding the answers. How are we connected to the stars? How can we even know anything [...]

Zenton delivers experiences and technology to the Royal Armoury.

Zenton's assignment for the reopening of Livrustkammaren's new basic exhibition on Sweden's royal history has been to act as a technical advisor in the early stages of planning the new exhibitions as well as procured total supplier of all multimedia technology / museum technology. The Livrustkammaren writes about the exhibition: The exhibition tells the story [...]

Zenton delivers touch application to Vattenriket Naturrum in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Zenton delivers touch applications to Naturrum Vattenriket in Kristianstad. The assignment included design, programming, multimedia technology and installation.

Zenton in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition “Eye to Eye” – experience design, museum technology, interactivity, light and sound.

Trelleborg Museum recently opened a new permanent exhibition, 'Eye to Eye', which gives an inspiring account of ancient peoples. Interactivity and new technologies permeate the exhibition. In a close and inspiring collaboration with those responsible at Trelleborg Museum, Zenton has been involved in the entire development process of the exhibition and developed sensory solutions that [...]

Zenton total supplier of museum technology and technical consultancy to Västmanland County Museum.

On behalf of Västmanland County Museum, Zenton has acted as a total supplier of museum technology and technical consultation for the exhibition "When then was now - ancient people and animals". This mission included sound solutions and museum technology for the entire exhibition, which is interactive and playful that you can experience with all your [...]

Zenton delivers website, digital content and touch solution for EU project: “Museum, cultural heritage & northern identity”

The project "Museum, cultural heritage and northern identity" is a platform for institutional cooperation to develop common cultural heritage and northern identity. Zenton's mission for this exciting and challenging EU-funded project was to find a simple way to visualize the culturally important sites for all international and national partners. These sites would also be linked [...]

Zenton delivers technical advice, museum technology and installations for Bohuslän Museum’s largest ever exhibition!

The major summer exhibition "Horse tell me who you are!" opened on May 24 at Bohuslän Museum and is the largest exhibition the museum has ever produced. For this exhibition, Zenton provided technical advice, museum technology and installation of both the projector and media player. This is used to show large format movies with a [...]

Zenton uses revolutionary Sonab wireless speaker system for exhibition at Lidköpings Konsthall.

Zenton has delivered a revolutionary solution including the Sonab wireless sound system for Carolina Jonsson's exhibition: "Holograms of Ecolonia" in Lidköping's Konsthall. The Sonab system is connected to an HD projector and is used for the central work of the exhibition, the video installation 'Turbulence', where film sequences are projected onto a large wall. Visitors [...]

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Bonniers Konsthall hires Zenton for audio & display solution in exhibition

Bonniers Konsthall is a venue for Swedish and international contemporary art in central Stockholm. They start their spring season with the first major solo exhibition, Andreas Eriksson's "Around", for which Zenton provided a sound and display solution. The exhibition is a traveling exhibition by Bonniers Konsthall together with Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Centre PasquArt, Biel and Reykjavik [...]

Office workout for the Healthcare Advisory Service

There are currently two screens at the medical advice office in Gothenburg that show a simple and quick workout and stretch program once an hour. When the workout program is not running, nice relaxing photo images are displayed and the screens are like dynamic paintings. In a sedentary and demanding job like this, you need [...]

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Museum technology and touchscreens for Västmanland County Museum

Zenton has delivered museum technology to Västmanlands Länsmuseum in Västerås, which was inaugurated on September 6. The delivery included touch screens and a special HD media player that they can create their own content and publish easily.

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Unique experiences and exhibitions at Trelleborg museum

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCLJI3q2Cno&feature=player_detailpage På Trelleborgs museum kan ni uppleva multitouchbord, animerade tavlor som synkroniserat talar med varandra, fantastiska ljud och videoinstallationer, allt för att skapa en unik och stämningsfull upplevelse. Här används även teknik som riktat ljud, sensor och knappstyrda ljudstationer, touchskärmar mm. Zentons uppdrag var att leverera en helhetslösning från idéskapande, konsultation, projektledning, teknik, innehåll, programmering [...]

Zenton introduces unique Multitouch LCD with 32 touch points

Zenton is currently introducing a unique multitouch LCD with the ability to use up to 32 simultaneous points. The possibilities of multitouch are endless, which is why we offer content development according to each client's specific needs. Multitouch is perfect for fairs, museums, shopping centers, product presentations, shops, exhibitions, etc. Equipment is available for delivery [...]

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Directed sound for video art at Lunds konsthall

Zenton has provided directional audio and HD media players for synchronizing high-definition movies. The exhibition features video art by Petra Bauer, Kajsa Dahlberg and Maria Lusitano Santos, who are in many ways considered political and feminist artists. They use moving images as a medium to depict and influence events in today's world. Their work is [...]

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