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Touch solutions for Stena Line Superfast 7 & 8 on the Irish Sea

Zenton has delivered new touch solutions and updates to the very popular interactive floor on board Stena Line's Superfast 7 & 8 on the Irish Sea. The interactive floor has been given a realistic 3d underwater world with "live fish" to enhance the experience in their POD area.  

Zenton delivers digital store concept to Mühlow, the store of the future.

As a partner to Mühlow, Zenton has developed a unique digital concept for the store of the future that will symbolize ecosystems and illustrate the beauty of nature. The shop mixes aquariums with real fish from different parts of the world with fabrics such as banana and pineapple, clothes produced with organic materials that [...]

Zenton has delivered zoned sound design for SKHLM shopping center.

Zenton has delivered a complete solution with zoned sound design to SKHLM to create a cozy, positive and welcoming experience for visitors. Depending on where the visitor is in the shopping center, different audio experiences are provided. The feeling conveyed also reinforces the essence of the SKHLM brand. The thoughtful and attractive solution from Zenton [...]

Zenton delivers digital & sound experience to Ultra, Norway

Together with our partner BigBlue & Co in Oslo, Norway, Zenton has delivered a digital & sound experience that will attract more customers and increase sales in the food chain Ultra's newly renovated concept store in Colloseum. For this, we have delivered design and film production that is shown via floor projection outside the entrance, [...]

Zenton delivers interactive Christmas decorations to PK-huset Shopping Center, Stockholm’s fashion boulevard

Zenton has delivered an interactive floor, Interactive Surface with a specially designed effect for the Christmas signage at PK-Huset in collaboration with Dorian Communication. The effect presents all the brands represented in the mall. ....No visit to Stockholm is complete without a visit to PK-huset - Stockholm's fashion boulevard since 1974. Surrounded by NK and [...]

Interactive Flooring for Sickla Köpstad

Zenton has delivered interactive flooring, "Zenton Interactive Surface" to Sickla Köpstad in Nacka, Stockholm. The interactive floor is a laughing zone in their "Laughter Hunt" event. Read more here. Client: Narrow advertising agency.

Interactive at the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg.

Zenton has delivered the Interactive Projected Bat Wall to the Natural History Museum for their new exhibition on Bolivia. We have also updated their interactive fish pond and created an interactive frog pond. A specially designed 3D model of the peep-toe frog swims around and rushes away when you get close or try to step [...]

Interactive Surface for Stena Line, England.

Right now we are in Gdansk, Poland, installing our interactive floor, Interactive Surface, on board Stena Line's two newly renovated ferries, Stena Superfast VII and Stena Superfast VIII, which will operate between England and Ireland. Read more here. A fun and challenging project that we will write more about and show pictures from soon.

Multitouch, interactive flooring and exhibition technology for Lycksele Forestry Museum.

Zenton has delivered exhibition technology in the form of a multi-touch solution, interactive floor and media player-based RFID solutions to the Lycksele Forestry Museum. We have had a fantastic collaboration with Lycksele Skogsmuseum and had the honor of delivering complete solutions for some parts of their newly opened exhibition. Among other things, we have worked [...]

Zenton Interactive floor

Zenton is the distributor in Scandinavia of the interactive floor Advis. With Advis you can create an interactive floor in a flexible and cost-effective way. With Zenton Interactive floor you can create eye-catching visual marketing or experiences on walls and floors. There are currently over 100 effects to choose from. In this context, we are [...]

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Living Surface, interactive floor for Initios medical

Zenton has delivered Living surface, interactive flooring to Initios medical at this year's Röntgenvecka in Örebro between September 23 and 26. The Living Surface was used to attract attention and bring the stand area to life. The effects used were a modified version of flowers that move in response to motion and a fish effect. [...]

Living Surface, interactive flooring for Stena Line

Zenton has delivered Living Surface, interactive flooring to Stena Line and their ferry Jutlandica that operates between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn. It is currently showing interactive inspiration for their new seaside hotel 'The Reef'.

Hansa uses Living Surface interactive flooring in its spring campaign

At Hansa in Malmö they are using their interactive floor, Living Surface, to tastefully and innovatively increase the feeling of spring in this year's spring campaign "Local heating is here". Living Surface was previously supplied by Zenton.  

Allum updates for spring with its Living Surface

Allum outside Gothenburg has updated its Living Surface for spring with butterflies, flying insects and bees. The lovely sound of spring is heard via directional sound, and only in the picture, outside it is completely silent...

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