Zenton has delivered a digital experience concept for the new basic exhibition “Tidernas Skåne” at Regionmuseet Kristianstad. It’s an exhibition about the history and landscape of Skåne where you follow the time from cold tundra to endless fields. Here you can wander aimlessly back and forth between millennia.

Zenton has been involved in developing the experience concept from the beginning of the project planning to the final installation. The exhibition should be an experience from start to finish for all the senses.
A unique sound concept has taken shape during the project in collaboration with Ulf Söderberg, who is a sound producer, where you can now experience how 16 sound channels synchronized create an overall experience throughout the exhibition! You could say that it’s similar to surround sound but better….definitely a unique experience that gives you chills.

The concept has also included:

-Development and design of a touch application for a puzzle competition on a touch screen/touch panel linked to a large projected image on the wall.

-Development and production of projected animations in the form of butterflies to bring life to a curved wall with a printed forest image.

-Production of film material to project over a large wall with a printed image of the port of Malmö. The film would highlight the immigrants of the time, the feeling of the boat trip between Sweden and the US, and bring the printed image to life.

-Development and installation of all other museum technology such as media players, projectors, sound equipment and programming.