Zenton is proud to be part of the playful “Hello Sea” project at Bohusläns Museum. This new family exhibition, specially designed for children up to 6 years old, offers an interactive and engaging platform for young minds to explore the sea and its wonders through play and experiences.

The “Hello Sea” exhibition invites visitors to explore the marine world in a creative way. From testing how many can fit in a herring jar, to heading for any ocean, to parking crabs and lobsters on wheels in the shellfish garage under the bridge, each element of the exhibition is designed to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Visitors can also meet a gull on the shore, discover folklore, wildfire, barnacles and seaweed, and find inspiration to further explore the sea on their own.

Zenton has provided multimedia solutions and experiences by providing appropriate technology and developing digital content, as well as producing effect films/projections that enhance the interactive and visual and immersive experience. We have also created an interactive 3D aquarium that provides a realistic experience of the underwater world of the Swedish West Coast. Children can paint pictures which they then scan and watch while it´s going through a tube system with visual effects and then out as an animated painted fish.