TED – ideas worth spreading” is a world-renowned phenomenon of inspirational talks, available to everyone via the internet. In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”, TEDx are independent and locally organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Zenton is a proud partner of TEDx Gothenburg, which takes place on November 5 at Draken, and we help make the whole event possible.

This year’s theme is ‘Crossroads’, symbolizing that people can come from different directions – ages, backgrounds and beliefs – to share their ideas openly. And then leave inspired to find new ways to improve themselves and the world around them. The theme of Crossroads is present in our daily lives where we are constantly faced with choices. The theme is in line with Zenton’s open-minded approach to creativity, innovation and creativity.

Some of the inspiring speakers include: Brian Palmer, anthropologist; Alexander Bard, philosopher and futurologist; Edda Manga, historian of ideas and debater; Laurie Rosenwald, illustrator and author; and others. See the full list of speakers.

Take the opportunity to book your ticket (limited number of seats!).

Watch and be inspired by the speeches from TEDx Gothenburg 2012.Ted_ideas