Zenton participated in this year’s Shopping Center Day in collaboration with PUI, which displayed Living Surface, interactive flooring and directional sound.
The Shopping Centre Day is organized annually by Market magazine.
During the day Birsta Shopping Center was chosen as the shopping center of the year, congratulations and well done!
We also learned a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of Sweden’s shopping centers.
There was also inspiration from the fantastic Dolce Vita Tejo shopping center in Lisbon, which works incredibly well to create extraordinary experiences.

An important part of a shopping center was found to be the atmosphere and experience.
In addition to price, range, accessibility and good parking facilities, which are absolutely most important but which in many places can be relatively equivalent, experiences are an important element to use as a means of competition.

We at Zenton are passionate about creating extraordinary experiences using your 5 senses, so feel free to contact us to know more about what we can create for you.