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Zenton Provides Interactive 3D Animation and Multimedia Technology to Navet Science Center

In close collaboration with Navet Science Center, we at Zenton have created a unique and interactive experience for their new exhibition SmåFysik - a living 3D animated salamander, Triton! Using simple, stable and sustainable multimedia technology where sound, light and projections are synchronized to create a unique experience, we have brought Triton to life. He [...]

Sound design, sound system for Asec’s shopping center in Jönköping.

Zenton has acted as technical/experience advisor and partner as well as total supplier of sound system "Shopping Mall Sound System By Zenton" to provide the absolute best sound experience at Asec's shopping center in Jönköping. The sound system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different possible sound scenarios and events. Each loudspeaker is [...]

SONAB wireless audio for Kustnära Interiör

Zenton has delivered SONAB's wireless audio system to Kustnära Interiör in Visby. Sonab's speakers provide incredible sound quality and are easily hung on the store's existing light rails. Kustnära Interiör sells hand-picked products in interior design, clothing and furniture for both home and business.

Emporia in Malmö wins award as the world’s most beautiful shopping center!

We congratulate the beautiful Emporia shopping center, which was named the world's finest shopping center in 2013 at the World Architecture Festival(WAF) in Singapore. Zenton is known to have delivered innovative world-class sound solutions to the shopping center along with a variety of other solutions. Read our full case study. The architect of the award-winning [...]

Well-sounding shop sounds for Butterick’s

Zenton has delivered shop sound systems to Butterick's costume studio on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The sound system is designed to provide the best possible in-store sound with discreet technology. Butterick's now offers its customers and staff an enjoyable music and sound experience.

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Sound system and directional audio for Etage shopping center

Zenton has delivered and installed sound systems and directional audio for the Etage shopping center in Trollhättan. We chose stylish Italian design speakers with exceptionally good sound quality and dispersion. The directional sound is attached to an escalator to create a clear sound tunnel that follows the listener all the way down while maintaining quality [...]

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