Zenton delivers multimedia technology to Navet Science Center in Borås, Sweden

Zenton delivers multimedia technology, installations and programming for the immersive exhibition at Navet Science Center in Borås. The hub writes: When you enter Astronoma, you are stepping into space. Young and old explorers alike can try their hand at finding the answers. How are we connected to the stars? How can we even know anything [...]

Zenton delivers touch application to Vattenriket Naturrum in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Zenton delivers touch applications to Naturrum Vattenriket in Kristianstad. The assignment included design, programming, multimedia technology and installation.

Zenton delivers touch solutions for Kulturkvarteret in Hjo and the Svenskt Tenn exhibition

Zenton has delivered touch solutions to Kulturkvarteret in Hjo Municipality and their permanent exhibition about Svenskt Tenn. In total, ten touch applications have been created for ten different screens presenting rotatable 3D objects created by photographer Erik Hagman. Zenton has designed, programmed and delivered the technical hardware. Briefly about Svenskt Tenn and the new exhibition: [...]

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