Birgit Nilsson

Zenton delivers Audio Guide to Birgit Nilsson’s Museum

Zenton has delivered a proprietary web-based Audioguide / audio guide to Birgit Nilsson's Museum. Simplicity, stability and quality have been the guiding principles for the development of the Audio Guide to the Museum. Mobile phones are programmed and controlled remotely and are locked so they only work for this purpose. The audio guide is made [...]

Zenton delivers touch solution to Birgit Nilsson’s Museum, Opera Treasure

Zenton has delivered the development and production of a touch application that presents unique audio recordings of operas by Birgit Nilsson. The touch application makes it possible to search through the hundreds of unique recordings by selecting years, cities, composers, and so on. Once the opera is selected, you can sit down in a comfortable, [...]

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