Recently, there has been a lot of buzz and media attention about the trendy phenomenon of ‘directional sound’ or ‘sound shower’ as it is also known. Zentons founder Kristoffer Lindgren, was the one who first introduced the directional sound on the commercial market in Sweden already in 2004 and has thus worked on and developed the use of the product for almost ten years.

Kristoffer works with creative conceptual development at Zenton and is a specialist in experience design, sound design and experience-based marketing for public environments, exhibitions, retail and shopping centers and he sees many benefits of using targeted sound: “-It is gratifying to see that the broad market is now ready to adopt this type of solution and that they see the actual effects and results it gives in the environments they are used. However, many people jump on the trend without really knowing how to optimize the effect in their environment, which can sometimes cost more than it’s worth. It is therefore important to engage a knowledgeable partner who can design relevant content and select the right product for the environment in which the targeted sound will be used.

-“The experience of the content is always the most important thing and the technology we use is only a carrier of this, but we are proud to be at the forefront of technological development, often with our own innovations”, Kristoffer continues.

Zenton is used by a number of major brands such as Volvo, Stena Line, Vattenfall and H&M, as well as a number of museums across the country and leading shopping centers. “Combining creativity, communication, branding, innovative experiences and cutting-edge technology to evoke emotions and attention in a subtle and relevant way is our main guiding principle,” concludes Kristoffer.

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