Lake Hornborga – one of Europe’s most important bird lakes – attracts large numbers of visitors every year. The stately visitor facility “naturum Hornborgarsjön” was reopened on March 21, 2015 after a complete transformation inside, where a completely new exhibition is now presented. Zenton, in collaboration with IDEI, has contributed with concept development, delivered touch applications, museum technology solutions and installation for the new exhibition.


Naturum acts as a gateway to nature, a center for visitors to a natural area. Naturum are located all over Sweden; they are open to everyone and are an opportunity for all ages to learn more about the nature, animals, plants, cultural history and environment that shaped the specific area. A visit to Naturum Hornborgarsjön gives visitors a fantastic experience of nature, but also increased knowledge of the wetlands of Hornborgarsjön.

For the reopening of the visitor facility and the creation of the new exhibition, Zenton has contributed several exciting elements. In addition to concept development, we have also provided museum technical and interactive solutions and managed technical installations.

We have created, designed and programmed a number of different touch applications where they can easily present translations for all signs in the exhibition, visualization of how the water level in Lake Hornborga has changed over time and latest bird observations in the area.
Hornborgar toilet 2
The exhibition includes a number of interactive stations as well as sound stations with bird sounds and sounding toilets to enhance the visitor’s experience. Part of the task has also been to manage audio and video material.

The exhibition was designed by White arkitekter and produced by IDEI. Zenton has developed the technical and interactive concept of the exhibition together with IDEI.









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