In the middle of the city of Kristianstad is Naturum Vattenriket – an exhibition, a wonderful nature experience and Sweden’s oldest Biosphere Reserve. For the anniversary celebration, Zenton has delivered a playful, informative and exciting touch application/timeline that presents information and images from the 10 years of Vattenrike’s activities.

In 2005, Kristianstad Wetland was designated as a Biosphere Reserve. There are only 600 Biosphere Reserves in the whole world, five of which are in Sweden, and Vattenriket prides itself on being the oldest of these. Since 2005, Vattenrike has served as a model area for sustainable development. Ecologists, informers, nature guides and educators work together to preserve, develop and support the values of the landscape, which are good for both nature and people.

The touch application created by Zenton presents information and images from the 10-year history of Vattenrike in a playful, informative and exciting way. The application is designed to suit both adults and younger people. The design is adapted to the graphic language of Vattenriket.


vattenriket_touch application_2 web naturrum_touchapplication1

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