Zenton has created and delivered an acclaimed touch solution with an

“Interactive Timeline”
for the National Museum’s ‘Modern Life’ exhibition. The project is part of the museum’s focus on future technology and future exhibitions. Our solution helps turn visitors into active participants and provides an extraordinary experience!

Nationalmuseum’s acclaimed exhibition ‘Modern Life’ showcases 19th century French and Swedish art from the museum’s rich collections. The exhibition is partly used as a way to experiment and evaluate future exhibitions and the use of digital technology in the exhibition halls has been a clear objective.

As the selected supplier for this initiative, Zenton created and delivered a media-oriented and successful project in the form of a touch screen with, among other things an ‘Interactive Timeline’. The touchscreen enriches the exhibition and acts as a new channel for visitors to get information about the artworks in the exhibition. It allows visitors to guide their journey through the century in an intuitive way and provides them with an exceptional user-friendly, educational and rewarding experience. For the touch application, we have also produced inspiring slideshow films that create a story around the paintings.

Our solution included managing all aspects of innovation, design, software creation and hardware delivery to meet the complex requirements specification set by Nationalmuseum to meet their goals and needs.

Interactive Multitouch & Touch Solutions are the future of touching, involving and engaging your visitors and offering powerful experiences with relatively simple means.

See the feature on the future of museum technology with our solution on TV4 Nyheterna.

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