Zenton has delivered an audio beacon that increases accessibility and safety for people with visual impairment in hospitals. The audio beacon solves the challenge of getting from the entrance of Sabbatsberg Hospital to their intended destination. The sound design of the sound beacon via directional sound leads them safely all the way from the entrance along the 50 meter long and about 5 meter wide corridor where they are met by the next sound beacon that takes them on to the
the elevators.
An ordinary lighthouse at sea sends out directional light and shows ships how to sail, for example. inside an archipelago along the shipping lanes to avoid running aground. The sound beacon, like this phenomenon, instead emits a directional sound, thus creating a safe route, a “sound path”, and allowing the visually impaired person to move forward safely and securely without encountering obstacles. As long as the sound is heard clearly and distinctly, you know
that you are on the right track. If you move outside the zone of directed sound, it becomes indistinct – you are ‘off course’ – and you move back to where it is clearly heard again.

A solution like this requires an understanding and expertise far beyond the technical solution. You need to have the skills to understand the environment, the individuals it targets and the architecture, acoustics and special conditions of the building. The sound created must fit the intended environment, be clear and distinctive to be heard above the natural environmental sound of the surroundings, but without being too disruptive or ‘bouncy’.

The solution delivered by Zenton serves as an aid that develops and increases the accessibility, freedom and safety of the public environment for people with visual impairments” says Kristoffer Lindgren, creative concept developer at Zenton.

The project was commissioned by Locum, which develops and manages healthcare properties and creates “values in healthcare”. They are one of Sweden’s largest property managers with a property portfolio of approximately 2.1 million square meters of premises in Stockholm County.

Contact Kristoffer Lindgren, Creative Concept Developer and Project Manager at Zenton.

Sound Shower Product Sheet
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