Zenton, an innovative provider of sound, light, interactivity and image to enhance experiences, has delivered museum technology and brought environments to life at the Brigadmuseum in Karlstad. With the mission to create solutions that simulate as real environments as possible, we can promise that a visit to the museum will be an engaging experience full of surprises!

To bring environments to life that provide a strong experience for the visitor.
Zenton has been involved from the very beginning of the project for consultation, inspiration, project management and planning work on how sound, light, image and interactivity would be used to optimize the experience for the visitor.

The mission included

  • Bringing environments to life.
  • Provide experience for the best possible solution.
  • Installations.
  • Programming.
  • Sound, light and interactivity control in harmony without interfering with each other to contribute to a balanced whole.
  • Handling of some audio and video clips/films.
  • The creation of a film room for presentations.

Some of the museum technology supplied by Zenton included:

  • Screens
  • Some lighting
  • Media players
  • Sound engineering
  • Projectors

Simply put, Zenton has created and delivered audio and visual solutions that bring environments to life, making the experience of the environment as real as possible. For example, how about about the simulation of a landmine exploding at your feet and using powerful sound and flashing lights to make your heart race? Or feel the intense sensation of being in a tent in a war zone where you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the inferno of a firefight where shots are flying and men are screaming.

The importance of understanding the interplay between materials, design, technology and history to be told for an unparalleled overall experience is crucial in a project like this. Of course, along with an ability to stay within the established framework. We are happy to endorse all the points.

If you want to know more about the project, please contact the project manager:

Kristoffer Lindgren

+46 (0)706 82 00 78

You are welcome to visit us at: