Zenton has developed and created the digital content solution and delivered a touch application for their touchscreens that we previously delivered to the Swedish Transport Administration that shows the change in traffic impact over time during the construction of the new Marieholmsförbindelsen in Gothenburg between the years 2013-2020.

The Marieholm Link is one of the largest infrastructure initiatives currently being built and planned in the region in and around Gothenburg and involves an expansion of both the road and rail networks. The initiative is part of the effort to cope with the increasing traffic in the region. The construction includes a new car tunnel, Marieholmstunneln, which is estimated to cost about SEK 3.5 billion, and a railway bridge with bicycle lanes, Marieholmsbron, which is estimated to cost about SEK 1.3 billion. Both will reduce the vulnerability of the transport system and increase capacity.

On behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, Zenton has developed a touch application that visualizes how the construction will look and change during the period 2013-2020. The presentation provides an easier overview and helps the user to see more clearly the impact of road construction on traffic over time on a timeline.

Sound Shower Product Sheet
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