Zenton has delivered a complete interactive multimedia solution for the Falkenberg Museum / Rian exhibition Stadens Nycklar.

Zenton’s task was to deliver a complete multimedia solution for the exhibition, which is stationed at various locations in Falkenberg.

Multimedia productions, film productions, animations are activated in different places if you have the right key.

A fantastic production that brings to life the oldest and some of the most significant cultural and historical sites in the city.

The exhibition and mission starts and ends in Rian where a number of films and animations were produced to bring to life what becomes an interactive time machine. An educator can choose different tracks that activate films, sound and lighting that synchronize to create an exciting start to the visitor’s quest. Unlocking the time machine requires completing a number of missions that are located in the city and eventually lead back to Rian where the time machine can be unlocked to complete the mission.

Exciting soundscapes enhance the experience both indoors and outdoors in selected locations around the city. Places such as Hindströmsgården, Falkenberg’s oldest house and associated outbuildings, as well as a barn, salmon smokehouse, laundry, ceramics workshop, etc.