Welcome to a historical journey back to the Viking Age! We at Zenton are proud to have worked with Trelleborgen to create a unique and memorable experience for their visitors in the new permanent exhibition.

Trelleborgen is a Viking town located in Trelleborg, Skåne, and was an important hub for trade in the Nordic countries in the 10th century.

We have had the honor of delivering the complete experience and immersive multimedia solution, from idea to production and installation in close collaboration with the museum’s team. Using the best team, the latest technology and our passion for history, we have created a vibrant and engaging experience that takes visitors on an exciting journey through the Viking Age.

Using film, 3D visualizations, sound and light effects, projections and much more, we take visitors on a journey through the everyday life and culture of the Vikings. From their traditions and dress to their weapons and warfare techniques, it’s an amazing experience that provides a deeper understanding of Viking life.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Trelleborgen and to be involved in creating a true experience for the visitors and leaving a lasting impact on them. Visit Trelleborgen and take part in this unique and fascinating experience!