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Extract from Matts Heibel’s website: www.storytellers.se

…offering important company stories in places where those interested can choose to listen or not. Maybe it is in a lobby, a foyer, a waiting hall. Simply somewhere where people need to be for a while anyway.

For example, there may be a few chairs with a story sign where you can sit if you want to listen to the organization’s most important stories. The sound is heard exactly there but does not contaminate the rest of the sound environment. This is possible thanks to ingenious speakers with extremely directional sound.

These are surprisingly cheap, so this is an exciting added value that you can get out of your story harvest. Perhaps not everyone is interested in passing their wait with big consumption. But maybe 20-30-40% could be attracted by the idea. They can be recruited as ambassadors if you have some good dramaturgically packaged stories to offer as story examples.

– I heard that company XX came up with its new business idea one day when one of its employees had just arrived at the office….

…this is what it might sound like when the ambassador voluntarily starts passing on the stories.

What is Corporate Storytelling?

Company stories that charge products and brands.

Corporate storytelling is a form of communication that is spreading around the world. There is literature and training in the art of populating brands and loading products and services with the key stories of those organizations and companies.

For example, they look for real stories that demonstrate cultural capital and values. These stories are then used in marketing and organizational development. In Sweden, Ikea, Sas Sverige, Vägverket and Kanal 5, among others, use this method.

Matts Heijbel is often called Sweden’s Mr. Corporate Storyteller. He says that stories are a dormant asset that every organization should seize and exploit. Sometimes you can tell them orally. Sometimes in writing. Sometimes you can even use directional audio.

Read more on his extensive website www.storytellers.se