DAVIDactive – a real classic.

30 years ago, ‘David’ was designed to be the world’s smallest HiFi speaker. Since then, it has taken the world by storm, especially in professional studios and public places.
As any speaker manufacturer knows, the choice of material is very important as it becomes a fundamental part of the resulting sound quality. All too often, manufacturers prefer to use production-friendly plastics. But not at Visonik!
For VISONIK Davids has a housing made of solid aluminum. For your listening experience!

Now a new era has arrived: the “active” David. Our classic speaker has been equipped with an outstanding 30W digital power amplifier. The audio signals are separated for treble and bass-midrange by an active crossover filter, and then amplified by a solid 15W digital power amplifier. Thus, a passive splitting filter can be omitted.

Introducing DAVIDactive!

Visonik David Active Product sheet