How does a Sound Puck work?

A sound puck uses patented technology with extremely powerful neodymium.
magnets and twin symmetrically opposed ‘motors’ that convert sound signals into
powerful vibrations. These vibrations are transmitted to solid surfaces by direct contact.
This results in high quality sound that spreads across the entire surface with a
frequency range from 60 Hz to 15Khz.

Our sound puck offers excellent sound in otherwise problematic areas such as crossroads,
ceilings, floors, windows, mirrors, reception desks, conference rooms, tables and others
furniture. The sound created by a large surface such as a wall, table or window radiates in both directions.
directions and results in an impressive experience.

This sound puck is effective and reliable.
Due to its high efficiency, you usually don’t need more than 5-20W to get a good result.
produce fully adequate sound levels. Because it is thermally protected, it can
can also be used in applications with powers up to 100W.
It operates almost entirely frictionless, with no parts that can wear out, or which
needs lubrication. The parts are extremely well made and built for life.

Possible uses:
– Hembio installations
– Multi room audio applications
– Restaurants
– Shops
– Hotel
– Conference room table
– Digital signage
– Shop windows
– Kiosk

Sound puck Product sheet

Soundpuck Manual