Zenton works with Sonab and offers their innovative wireless speakers with exceptional sound quality.


Sonab Audio System 9 is a revolutionary wireless audio system for shops, restaurants, offices and hotels. System 9 is designed to be extremely easy to install and use at minimal cost and effort. It eliminates costly cabling and time-consuming installations and takes the in-store experience to new levels. They connect to existing 3-phase rails for power along with existing light sources wherever you need them and they blend in with the environment’s existing light sources and design elements with their discreet and unique design.

With Sonab speakers, you can put the power exactly where you want it. Each speaker can be set to up to 6 different volume zones, allowing you to tailor and vary the volume in different areas of the store for the right effect. It provides unique flexibility and versatility to create the perfect sound design. Thanks to this, you can maximize the positive experience for your customers in store by choosing to play different sounds, from different audio sources wherever and whenever you want. Moreover, the control of the system is smart and intuitive and does not require a costly learning process. It can be played from any source, wherever you want, e.g.. iPhone, iPad, MP3, Android, media players etc.

For flexibility and reliability, all speakers are equipped with both wireless and wired connectivity options.

An installation can be completely wireless, or a combination of wireless and wired.

Sound Shower Product SheetZenton Sonab wireless sound system_Museum

Sound Shower Product SheetProduct sheet Sonab_wireless sound system_shop