Media players

Zenton SR8

  • Features

    • Plays mp3 audio and DVD video files.
    • Plays from USB and SD cards.
    • Built-in 14 Watt stereo amplifier.
    • Built-in headphones.
    • The input can be extended to 48 push buttons with the optional IN6 input card.
    • Inputs are programmable to play different audio files.
    • Inputs can be converted to pause.
    • Previous and Play functions.
    • Optional output card (RL4) to trigger relays in synchronization with audio/video.
    • Max 16 relays.
    • Compact size of the device, only 15 cm “W X 10 cm “D X 3 cm “H.
  • Areas of application

    • Audio players for museums and science center exhibitions.
    • Audio players for interactive exhibitions.
    • Audio information system for theme parks.