!!MODEL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!!! Contact us for alternative solutions.

The Zenton AMA 1080p HD media player is a unique and ultimate solution for exhibitions, fairs, display solutions, museums and more.
HD 1080p is a simple, cost-effective player with advanced features that can replace computers and DVD/Bluray players in many places.
The player starts when you turn the power on and stops when you turn it off.
The resolution is adjustable up to 1080p with superb image quality!
The player has HDMI and component connectors for the best picture quality.
Buttons, sensors and RS485 can be connected to control playback in a variety of ways using a text file.

The Zenton AMA 1080p HD is an advanced player that can be used by anyone regardless of their technical skills.
Precisely because AMA 1080p takes most known file formats, it avoids unnecessary and quality-reducing conversion of movies.
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AMA 1080p Product Sheet