– The BrightAuthor software can be downloaded for free here.
– Easy to create and publish playlists.
– Multi-zone and full screen in 1080p.
– Support for video, images and scrolling text.
– Compact size – easy to make invisible during installation.
– HDMI and VGA connection.

The Brightsign HD110 is a digital signage player that plays video, images and text from an SD/SDHC memory card. Presentations are easily created with the included BrightAuthor PC software (for XP/Vista/Windows7). You can display video or slideshows in full screen or split the screen into several different zones where different media are displayed simultaneously. The HD110 plays the material continuously in a loop. Display resolution up to 1080P via HDMI and up to 1360×768 via VGA. Outputs: HDMI(DVI with adapter), VGA and stereo audio via 3.5mm telephoto.

See a comparative matrix of the different models:

Brightsign Matrix