We can offer all types of BrightSign media players. BrightSign has a range of media players for different needs. We at Zenton have extensive experience with Brightsign solutions, both in terms of synchronization, RFID, Sensors, programming, connecting to touch solutions and GPIO etc. For more information on the specific model, please refer to the comparison table. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about BrightSign.

For those who wish, we hold courses in programming and using BrightSign, ranging from beginners to more advanced. Please contact us to find out more.

BrightSign LS



    • Displays ultra-smooth HD and 4K looping video
    • Run regular HTML5, motion graphics and sound
    • Enabling single-screen touch and interactive experiences
    • Remotely manage players for connected or offline experiences
    • Efficient, ultra-thin design for streamlined serviceability
    • USB interactivity
    • Separate audio output, Minitele 3.5mm

BrightSign HD


  • HD5 Standard I/O Player


    • Plays stunning Full HD and 4K video with HDR (high dynamic range).
    • Run ultra-smooth 2D motion graphics in Full HD
    • HTML5 – Support
    • Full set of I/O connections for advanced interactivity (GPIO)
    • Patented, ultra-thin design and anodized finish

BrightSign XD


  • XD233 Standard I/O Player


    • Ultra-smooth 2D motion graphics, looping video, live data and more
    • Highly responsive multi-touch gestures
    • Advanced HTML5 support
    • Accelerated content loading times
    • Real-time conversion to live data feeds
    • Streamlined installations with PoE+ and extended I/O capabilities
    • Secure high-capacity SSD storage option with self-encryption

BrightSign XT


  • XD1033 Expanded I/O Player


    • Animate 3D graphics and visual effects in real time with live data
    • Integrate live video streams with unique HDMI input
    • Highly advanced HTML5 graphics
    • Play vivid HDR video from Full HD to brilliant 8K
    • Drive two displays with dual HDMI outputs on a single player
    • Efficient installation with PoE+, a full set of I/O and a robust ultra-thin design
    • Get legendary security, reliability and uptime with BrightSignOS