Advis interactive systems

Zenton is the distributor of Advis Interactive floors in Scandinavia.
Advis is a software for creating interactive floors with great flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The system is powered by a computer running Windows 7 and a tracking kit with a camera.
Advis can be used for interactive flooring, interactive shop window, or as a large screen multitouch with rear projection or front projection. This is a highly appreciated system that can be used in marketing contexts, museums, shopping centers, children’s rooms, breastfeeding rooms, etc. There are currently over 100 effects available to suit a wide range of applications. All audio and visual material can be updated and changed by the user. This allows you to add your own material and easily create your own effects. Zenton can also develop special effects for those who want them.

Feel free to contact us here for more information on these systems.