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Fragrance has a unique strength. Of our five senses, smell is undoubtedly the strongest, the one that reacts the fastest and creates the strongest memories. One reason is that it is the only mind directly connected to the limbic system, the part of the human brain where emotions are created and memories are stored.

Fragrance flowerScent information also cannot be rationally filtered out, but creates an immediate emotional effect – whether we like it or not. Scent makes people decide instinctively by evoking positive and pleasant associations and moods, whether those associations feel like ‘home’, the beach or a blooming summer meadow. They affect our mood, therefore help us to feel good and be comfortable in new environments.

Scents also create a clear emotional anchor for a brand or experience that helps us differentiate one product or service from another, leading to increased loyalty, prolonged experience and increased propensity to buy.


Scent by Zenton

With Scent byZenton™, we can offer fragrance design for all types of spaces: from very small spaces to thousands of square meters, with a variety of patented product solutions for fragrance distribution. The fragrance design and most appropriate product solution is based on the nature of the space. We can distribute unique fragrances both locally and over larger areas. It is also possible to vary fragrances at different times.

We design a complete atmosphere through sound, image and scent that creates the emotions and moods you want your customers to experience. We can also offer sensor-controlled and scheduled scent distribution in one simple web-based system where you can also control audio and video.


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“Did you know that…
Neuromarketing studies show that 75% of all the emotions we experience are triggered by the scents we experience.”


Fragrance communication or scentmarketing and scent design is considered the latest addition to what is referred to as emotional branding or sensory branding.


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