Zenton works with the latest and most reliable products on the market. Here you can find everything from media players and customized sound systems to touchscreens, interactive floors and scent design.

Interactive flooring

With interactive surfaces we can create unexpected effects in space. Zenton can customize solutions designed specifically for your business. More info here.

Media players

We provide a range of professional media players for audio, video, interactivity with buttons, RFID, sensors, etc.
More info here.

Display solutions

We provide customized display solutions on touch screens, monitors, digital signage, multitouch and more.
More info here.

Sound system

We provide customized sound systems for shopping malls, museums, fairs, public environments, shops/retail and more.
More info here.

Directed sound

With directional sound, you can create local sound environments only where you want your sound without disturbing the surroundings.
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Fragrance design

We provide scent design for all types of surfaces from very small spaces to thousands of square meters, with a variety of patented product solutions for scent distribution. More info here.