Zenton has delivered audio solutions to the newly opened Emporia in Malmö – Scandinavia’s premier shopping center. A world-class building with world-class sound solutions! All with the intention of providing a subtle overall experience for the visitor – they feel good and want to stay longer.

In this extensive and exciting project, Zenton has created several fascinating and unique products and systems. These include “Vertical Surround”, a surround sound system at height, where the sound experience changes for the individual when moving between different floors.

On October 25, Emporia shopping center opened in Malmö – Scandinavia’s premier shopping center with an architecture unparalleled in Sweden and Europe. This is how Emporia is described:

“Emporia is designed by Gert Wingårdh, one of Sweden’s most internationally recognized architects. The architecture reflects the fact that Emporia is a sanctuary. The building is airy and enveloping at the same time; it represents both openness and curiosity, while forming a bubble around the exciting world of Emporia. (…) At Emporia you should feel free. Free from the stresses and strains of everyday life. We see it as our job to give you that.”

The importance of understanding design and unique environments is crucial in a project like this. Zenton has helped create harmony between design, innovation and technological excellence. Our audio solutions contribute to an unparalleled overall experience. All to make visitors feel comfortable and well, want to stay longer and come back often.

Simply put, Zenton has created and delivered solutions that enable the audio experiences of a visit to Emporia. More specifically, we delivered the following:

  • Consultation and project management of audio technologies and audio experiences:
    • This means that we created the sound system for environmental noise throughout the shopping center along with all the technology involved.
    • It also includes planning the zoning of Emporia’s sound system, which can thus be adapted to the prevailing acoustic conditions and changing needs of different environments, spaces and rooms.
    • Different sound environments should work in harmony without interfering with each other and contribute to a balanced whole.
  • Unique sounding of all six squares with designer speakers to match the architecture:
    • All the soundscapes for the squares are designed to inspire peace of mind and offer a place for relaxation and contemplation in the otherwise fast-paced shopping environment of Emporia.
  • “Vertical Surround” – surround experience at height:
    • Two squares, the Sea and Flower Squares, have the specially designed ‘Vertical Surround’ solution. It is a unique, specially designed system that creates a soundscape that changes as visitors move between the different floors of the shopping center via stairs or escalators.
    • At the sea square you can experience a journey from the bottom of the deep sea to the waves of the water’s edge. All accompanied by instruments chosen to reproduce the sounds of the sea.
    • Blomtorget invites you into a three-dimensional sound world with atmospheres on different levels in the form of birdsong and insect buzzes spiced with instrumental compositions.
    • The entire technology and the development of appropriate technical equipment adapted to the high design and quality requirements of the environment. These include through beautiful and high quality Italian design speakers with an outstanding sound quality.
    • The sound system can also be controlled by e.g. computer, iPad, iPhone or similar.
  • New technology for sensor-controlled sound in selected toilets
  • Visitors get a private and often humorous audio experience as they close the door behind them. They hear birds chirping, cows mooing, a crowing rooster in a henhouse or maybe a bleating lamb? Test and see what happens in your toilet! When the door opens, the sound stops.
  • Soothing and relaxing compositions are played at changing tables in family lounges:
    • For a peaceful moment during essential diaper changes and care of the little ones.
  • Story corner for children with targeted sound and touchscreen in family lounges:
    • At the story corner, children can use a touch screen to listen to brand new stories written especially for Emporia.
    • The stories are delivered through directional audio. This sound solution allows the rest of the environment not to be disturbed and a calm and relaxing atmosphere to be maintained in the space.
  • Customer radio:
    • Zenton’s proprietary and specially designed Shopping Mall Radio Software provides the ability to schedule the playback of customer and informational messages.
    • A technically stable and user-friendly system in which the software is updated and controlled by e.g. the Internet. computer, iPhone, iPad or similar.
    • The product is specially developed and adapted for shopping centers and retail radio.

The project has been done in collaboration with Radja sound design agency who composed and designed all the sound especially for Emporia.

Emporia is a shopping center at the absolute forefront and we are proud to have been entrusted with this project and look forward to letting visitors enjoy these unique environments and experiences.

If you want to know more about the project, please contact the project manager:

Kristoffer Lindgren
+46 (0)706 82 00 78

You are welcome to visit us at: www.zenton.se