Zenton has sound designed Capgemini’s headquarters in Oslo to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for employees and customers. We have provided audio productions, compositions, technical solutions and installations. A concept in line with the Capgemini brand that enhances the atmosphere, provides a soothing feeling and allows for relaxation in the office.

Zenton’s mission was to create a pleasant and relaxing environment for employees and visiting customers.

A sofa environment has been soundproofed with directional sound that limits the sound to one sofa. The sound environment of the sofa designed to provide a relaxing break from daily work with inspiration from Norwegian nature.

Office in Oslo

We have also created sound designs for the public toilet areas to create a relaxing and energizing atmosphere.

The task was to develop a creative concept for sound design, deliver the technical solution and installation on site. The concept follows the core values of the Capgemini brand.

Kristoffer Lindgren, creative concept developer, project manager and founder of Zenton explains:

“It is always exciting to sound design different types of environments. We are seeing a growing demand from companies that want to use more senses in their office environments to add value to employees and visiting customers.”

To find out more about Zenton or how we can help you, please contact Kristoffer Lindgren, Creative Concept Developer and Project Manager at Zenton.

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Sound Shower Product Sheet



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