has on behalf of SVID (Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign) conceptualized, designed and delivered a complete, flexible touch solution for fairs and other types of exhibitions. The smart technical solution allows the message and content to be changed over and over again with ease. As a result, SVID can now effectively meet, engage and stay in touch with its target groups. Our solution is innovative, interactive, informative and flexible!

Since 1989, SVID has worked to spread knowledge about design as a force for development and competitiveness. SVID describes its activities as follows: “We work to ensure that design is used in all innovation and change work. We want companies to grow and businesses to develop and work to disseminate knowledge, create meeting places and strengthen opportunities for development.”

As part of this work, Zenton created an exhibition solution for SVID with the aim of conveying knowledge and raising interest in design and what design can contribute. The focus of the project has been: usability and experience, interactivity, technical flexibility to easily change the text and film content displayed while maintaining a sense of quality, and smooth and easy movement and installation.

The technical solution consists of a 27” multitouch screen and two fixed iPads. The multitouch screen allows visitors to intuitively watch and listen to movies from different categories. We developed two customized iPad apps, one of which allows the visitor to go through SVID’s website and easily be informed about their operations, activities and current initiatives. The second allows interested visitors to easily register their own contact details, which are stored and can be used for news releases.

Zenton was responsible for everything from overall concept to developing hardware, software, content design, stand design and final production and a smooth transportation solution. The innovative touch solution with the associated stand can thus be used with ease in a variety of situations and environments; at trade fairs, in receptions, temporary exhibitions or at presentations. The message is tailored to different target groups and purposes. For the stand, we used a specially selected material (reboard) that is environmentally friendly, easy to carry and transport, and cost-effective.

Zenton offers customized solutions for different needs and purposes and helps you as a creative partner from the idea stage, design and layout to the finish.

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