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Once again, Zenton has had the honor of bringing the experience to life for visitors in an exciting museum exhibit.
This time it is Kristianstads Järnvägsmuseum that has been the client for its new opening and Zenton has among other things provided advice, ideas and conceptualization to deliver an authentic visitor experience.
Part of the assignment has consisted of working with sound producer Ulf Söderberg to bring the museum’s unique environment to life using sound. Zenton has also provided project management, museum and sound technology, sound installations and screens for movie screenings.
At the new Railway Museum, you move among and inside authentic, restored trains and carriages in the carriage hall. On the platform, you’ll hear the train rolling in and meet travelers under the starry sky – don’t be surprised if they start talking to you. The experience of the elements of the railway station is enhanced by the sound sources in different locations. Thanks to the sound design, everything feels like it’s happening for real.

We highly recommend a visit!

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Sound Shower Product Sheet
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