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Zenton delivers touch solution to Birgit Nilsson’s Museum, Opera Treasure

Zenton has delivered the development and production of a touch application that presents unique audio recordings of operas by Birgit Nilsson. The touch application makes it possible to search through the hundreds of unique recordings by selecting years, cities, composers, and so on. Once the opera is selected, you can sit down in a comfortable, [...]

Zenton delivers digital experience concept to Regionmuseet Kristianstad

Zenton has delivered a digital experience concept for the new basic exhibition "Tidernas Skåne" at Regionmuseet Kristianstad. It's an exhibition about the history and landscape of Skåne where you follow the time from cold tundra to endless fields. Here you can wander aimlessly back and forth between millennia. Zenton has been involved in developing the [...]

Zenton delivers touch application to Tekniska Museet

Zenton has produced and designed the touch application for an installation that Christer Fuglesang was responsible for together with KTH for the exhibition MegaMind at Tekniska Museet. The application presents the MIST satellite, KTH's first student satellite. In January 2015, work began on designing and building KTH's first student satellite MIST. The aim is to [...]

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