Zentons Multimedia Solutions for Hello Sea, a family-friendly permanent exhibition at Bohusläns Museum.

Zenton is proud to be part of the playful "Hello Sea" project at Bohusläns Museum. This new family exhibition, specially designed for children up to 6 years old, offers an interactive and engaging platform for young minds to explore the sea and its wonders through play and experiences. The "Hello Sea" exhibition invites visitors to [...]

Zenton in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition “Eye to Eye” – experience design, museum technology, interactivity, light and sound.

Trelleborg Museum recently opened a new permanent exhibition, 'Eye to Eye', which gives an inspiring account of ancient peoples. Interactivity and new technologies permeate the exhibition. In a close and inspiring collaboration with those responsible at Trelleborg Museum, Zenton has been involved in the entire development process of the exhibition and developed sensory solutions that [...]

The SALT travelling exhibition

Zenton has provided exhibition technology/museum technology and consultation as well as installation for the SALT project, which is initially located at the Österlen Museum in Simrishamn. The equipment is specially designed to be easy to move and adapt to different conditions in different locations. The equipment must also be capable of being operated by non-technical [...]

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Zenton Interactive floor

Zenton is the distributor in Scandinavia of the interactive floor Advis. With Advis you can create an interactive floor in a flexible and cost-effective way. With Zenton Interactive floor you can create eye-catching visual marketing or experiences on walls and floors. There are currently over 100 effects to choose from. In this context, we are [...]

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Zenton speaks at the Exhibitors’ Forum seminar

Zenton participates as a speaker together with Trelleborg Museum at Forum För Utställares seminar "You beautiful new exhibition world - Digital technology for more beautiful experiences" 11-12 Oct. We talk about Trelleborg Museum's exhibition "Stadslifv" and how we worked with digital talking boards and multitouch tables. Read more about the Exhibitors' Forum.

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Museum technology and directional sound for new Air Force Museum

Zenton has delivered museum technology to the new Air Force Museum in Linköping, which was inaugurated in early June. Equipment such as directional audio, media players of various kinds, speakers, etc. create experiences in most places in the museum. Read more about the museum here. See also here a short movie about the museum on [...]

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Trelleborg Museum invests in modern exhibitions, opening on June 6.

Zenton has been commissioned to modernize Trelleborg's museum and we have created unique experiences using sound, image, interactivity, directed sound and animations. Among other things, we have, to our knowledge, delivered Sweden's first and only multi-touch table solution for museums. The content is unique to the museum's exhibitions. Other unique experiences are promised for visitors [...]

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Zenton participated in the Shopping Center Day. Living Surface and directional audio were of course in place.

Zenton participated in the Shopping Center Day. Living Surface and directional audio were of course in place.

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