Zentons Multimedia Solutions for Hello Sea, a family-friendly permanent exhibition at Bohusläns Museum.

Zenton is proud to be part of the playful "Hello Sea" project at Bohusläns Museum. This new family exhibition, specially designed for children up to 6 years old, offers an interactive and engaging platform for young minds to explore the sea and its wonders through play and experiences. The "Hello Sea" exhibition invites visitors to [...]

Immersive museum experience for the base exhibition at Trelleborgen

Welcome to a historical journey back to the Viking Age! We at Zenton are proud to have worked with Trelleborgen to create a unique and memorable experience for their visitors in the new permanent exhibition. Trelleborgen is a Viking town located in Trelleborg, Skåne, and was an important hub for trade in the Nordic countries [...]

Zenton delivers touch solution to Birgit Nilsson’s Museum, Opera Treasure

Zenton has delivered the development and production of a touch application that presents unique audio recordings of operas by Birgit Nilsson. The touch application makes it possible to search through the hundreds of unique recordings by selecting years, cities, composers, and so on. Once the opera is selected, you can sit down in a comfortable, [...]

Zenton delivers museum technology to Avesta Art, Verket – Industry history museum

Zenton supplies museum technology, planning and programming to Avesta Art, Verket and their Industrial History Museum. A mission with unique challenges in a unique environment in terms of installations. This makes the project even more exciting.    

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Museum experiences for the Jan Troell exhibition at Trelleborg Museum.

Zenton has been involved in delivering all multimedia technology, film editing and management of all multimedia and interactive experiences and technology for the exhibition about one of the foremost filmmakers of our time, Jan Troell at Trelleborg Museum.  

Zenton delivers multimedia technology to Navet Science Center in Borås, Sweden

Zenton delivers multimedia technology, installations and programming for the immersive exhibition at Navet Science Center in Borås. The hub writes: When you enter Astronoma, you are stepping into space. Young and old explorers alike can try their hand at finding the answers. How are we connected to the stars? How can we even know anything [...]

Multimedia and interactivity City Keys, Falkenberg Museum, Rian.

Zenton has delivered a complete interactive multimedia solution for the Falkenberg Museum / Rian exhibition Stadens Nycklar. Zenton's task was to deliver a complete multimedia solution for the exhibition, which is stationed at various locations in Falkenberg. Multimedia productions, film productions, animations are activated in different places if you have the right key. A fantastic [...]

Zenton delivers museum technology for John Bauer exhibition, Jönköping County Museum, Sweden

Zenton delivers museum technology, installations and programming for the exhibition John Bauer, Follow John at Jönköpings Länsmuseum.

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Zenton delivers experiences and technology to the Royal Armoury.

Zenton's assignment for the reopening of Livrustkammaren's new basic exhibition on Sweden's royal history has been to act as a technical advisor in the early stages of planning the new exhibitions as well as procured total supplier of all multimedia technology / museum technology. The Livrustkammaren writes about the exhibition: The exhibition tells the story [...]

Zenton delivers digital experience concept to Regionmuseet Kristianstad

Zenton has delivered a digital experience concept for the new basic exhibition "Tidernas Skåne" at Regionmuseet Kristianstad. It's an exhibition about the history and landscape of Skåne where you follow the time from cold tundra to endless fields. Here you can wander aimlessly back and forth between millennia. Zenton has been involved in developing the [...]

Zenton delivers touch solutions for Kulturkvarteret in Hjo and the Svenskt Tenn exhibition

Zenton has delivered touch solutions to Kulturkvarteret in Hjo Municipality and their permanent exhibition about Svenskt Tenn. In total, ten touch applications have been created for ten different screens presenting rotatable 3D objects created by photographer Erik Hagman. Zenton has designed, programmed and delivered the technical hardware. Briefly about Svenskt Tenn and the new exhibition: [...]

Zenton in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum in the exhibition “Eye to Eye” – experience design, museum technology, interactivity, light and sound.

Trelleborg Museum recently opened a new permanent exhibition, 'Eye to Eye', which gives an inspiring account of ancient peoples. Interactivity and new technologies permeate the exhibition. In a close and inspiring collaboration with those responsible at Trelleborg Museum, Zenton has been involved in the entire development process of the exhibition and developed sensory solutions that [...]

Zenton delivers touch application and multitouch solution to Lund University’s Historical Museum

After winning the tender, Zenton has delivered a touch application and a multitouch solution to Lund University's Historical Museum. The exhibition is called "Sven Nilsson and the postglacial fauna of Skåne" and is located in the Zoological Hall of the museum. The exhibition offers interactive activities where the visitor can, among other things can assemble [...]

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Exhibition technology for Hälsingegårdar

Zenton has supplied exhibition technology for a permanent exhibition on Hälsingland farms that can be found at five different farms and museums in the region. The exhibition is about the Hälsingegårdarna in Hälsingland which is expected to become a World Heritage Site ( read more here). We have delivered HD media players and HD screens [...]

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Directed audio “For God’s sake”

"För Guds skull - om kyrkans heliga rum" an exhibition at the Stockholm County Museum. When did people start singing in church? How does the wine actually become the blood of Christ? Why didn't medieval churches have windows facing north? In the County Museum's exhibition "For God's sake - about the church's sacred rooms" we [...]

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