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Zenton Provides Interactive 3D Animation and Multimedia Technology to Navet Science Center

In close collaboration with Navet Science Center, we at Zenton have created a unique and interactive experience for their new exhibition SmåFysik - a living 3D animated salamander, Triton! Using simple, stable and sustainable multimedia technology where sound, light and projections are synchronized to create a unique experience, we have brought Triton to life. He [...]

Multimedia and technical consultancy for the Jewish Museum in Stockholm.

Zenton has provided technical consultation and all multimedia technology for the newly opened Jewish Museum in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Everything from touch solutions and productions to multimedia technologies and interactive solutions have been delivered to their exhibitions.

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Zenton delivers touch applications, exhibit technology and installations for the reopening of the Hornborgarsjön nature center

Lake Hornborga - one of Europe's most important bird lakes - attracts large numbers of visitors every year. The stately visitor facility "naturum Hornborgarsjön" was reopened on March 21, 2015 after a complete transformation inside, where a completely new exhibition is now presented. In collaboration with IDEI, Zenton has contributed with concept development, delivered touch [...]

Experiences at Vattenfall, Forsmark

Zenton has provided ideas for the development of Vattenfall's experimental workshop in Forsmark. We have also delivered exhibition technology, modern signage, programming for film screening and a much appreciated site-built staircase stand with controllable LED lighting. Zenton's task was to create a more modern and easily understandable exhibition in a beautiful K-labeled building at Forsmark [...]

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The SALT travelling exhibition

Zenton has provided exhibition technology/museum technology and consultation as well as installation for the SALT project, which is initially located at the Österlen Museum in Simrishamn. The equipment is specially designed to be easy to move and adapt to different conditions in different locations. The equipment must also be capable of being operated by non-technical [...]

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Multitouch, interactive flooring and exhibition technology for Lycksele Forestry Museum.

Zenton has delivered exhibition technology in the form of a multi-touch solution, interactive floor and media player-based RFID solutions to the Lycksele Forestry Museum. We have had a fantastic collaboration with Lycksele Skogsmuseum and had the honor of delivering complete solutions for some parts of their newly opened exhibition. Among other things, we have worked [...]

The exhibition 18th century Gothenburg at the Gothenburg City Museum.

Take a journey through a city in transition! Gothenburg is buzzing with life and movement, with new ideas, influences and experiences from the world. The exhibition includes the most luxurious goods such as tea, porcelain and silk to the most everyday items. The City Museum is located in the East India House, built around 1750. [...]

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Exhibition technology for the Arbetets Museum in Norrköping, Sweden.

Which ones make our society work and what would happen if they disappeared? This is the starting point for the exhibition 'The Mystery of the City' currently on display at the Arbetets Museum in Norrköping. The exhibition, which opened on March 13, is part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Kommunal trade union. Read [...]

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Exhibition technology for Hälsingegårdar

Zenton has supplied exhibition technology for a permanent exhibition on Hälsingland farms that can be found at five different farms and museums in the region. The exhibition is about the Hälsingegårdarna in Hälsingland which is expected to become a World Heritage Site ( read more here). We have delivered HD media players and HD screens [...]

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Exhibition technology for Arbetets Museum

At the Arbetets Museum exhibition "Smal - an exhibition about beauty, power, responsibility and suffering" you can experience a virtual cosmetic surgery or help a woman lace her corset and hear her moan loudly. This is possible thanks to technology from Zenton.

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Directed sound and exhibition technology for the Museum of Work.

The Arbetets Museum's exhibition "INDUSTRILAND - when Sweden became modern" offers a variety of audio and visual experiences created using Zenton technology. These include directed sound with HSS (Hyper Sonic Sound), which creates local sound environments without disturbing or spreading sound in the exhibition space. INDUSTRY COUNTRY The focus is on the period 1930-1980. This [...]

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